Localphone.com Offers Free Calls to Switzerland

Localphone customers can make free calls to Switzerland from their mobile phone, landline or computer. Customers will be able to make calls to Switzerland from anywhere in the world for free from 12pm GMT (noon) 9th January until 12pm GMT (noon) 16th January. Customers can call as many numbers as they like, for as long as they like and Localphone won’t charge them. After the offer ends calls to landlines in Switzerland will be charged at the normal Localphone rate of 1.4¢ USD / 0.8p GBP or 1c EUR per minute. Find out how to make free calls to Switzerland at http://www.localphone.com/call/switzerland.

Paul Cusack, CEO of Localphone.com, commented “We are pleased to kick off the new year with a fantastic offer for all of our customers who call Switzerland. I look forward to announcing more offers for the rest of our customers over the coming months.”

For users who are not already customers of Localphone they can still take advantage of the offer by signing up at http://www.localphone.com. Once on the website, they can register for free and start calling. Alternatively, users can download the free Localphone iPhone and Android apps and sign up via their Smartphone. Customers who use the Localphone Smartphone apps can also make international calls via WiFi or their Internet connection.

Localphone is a leading provider of cheap international calls and was recently awarded Highly Commended for Best Consumer VoIP at the ITSPA 2012 Awards. Founded in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 2007 it has quickly grown to become one of the largest providers of cheap international calls and offers call rates that are up to 88% cheaper than the competition.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call the press room at +44(0) 114 3190538 or email press(at)Localphone(dot)com.

Localphone.com Offers Free International Calls to Peru

Localphone.com customers can make unlimited free calls to Peru for a whole week. Calls to landlines in Peru are free and will remain free until 12pm (noon) ET on September 21. The offer is available to all Localphone customers old and new. Customers can call for as long as they want, as many numbers as you want and do not charge Localphone. Calls can also be made from more than 250 countries from a mobile computer, landline or. After the promotion ends, calls to landlines in Peru will be charged at the normal rate of Localphone cheap 0.8p GBP / USD or EUR 1.4c 1.1 ¢ per minute.

Paul Cusack, CEO and founder of Localphone, said: “As part of the recent launch of our Spanish website we are pleased to offer our customers free calls to Peru for a week. Hope you enjoy the promotion and we recommend their friends and family. ”

To learn how to make free calls to Peru in http://www.localphone.com/call/peru.

Localphone has recently translated into Spanish on its website in order to provide a better user experience for its many Spanish-speaking customers. Visit the website in Spanish Localphone http://www.localphone.com/es.

Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Paul Cusack, Localphone is based in Sheffield, UK. It offers a range of services that allow users to make cheap international calls and send SMS text messages. The most popular service is Local Numbers, which offers customer’s local access numbers to call that connect directly to your friend abroad. Customers can also download free applications for iPhone 4G lists and Android, in order to call local numbers or WiFi / internet on the move. Learn about services in http://www.localphone.com/services Localphone.

For more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact the press office on +44 (0) 114 3190538 or email press (at) Localphone (dot) com.

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Localphone.com Offers Unlimited Free Calls to Italy

free callsThe award winning international call provider, Localphone, is giving away unlimited free calls to Italy for a whole week.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, June 27, 2012 –(PR.com)– The telecoms company has been running a series of promotions in order to reward its customers for their continued support. This week, Localphone customers can make unlimited free calls to Italy at http://www.localphone.com/call/italy. The promotion applies to all calls to standard landlines in Italy from anywhere in the world from 12pm GMT 25th June until 12pm GMT 2nd July. After this time, the normal cheap Localphone rate will apply, which costs 0.7p GBP / 1¢ USD or 0.9c EUR per minute. Visit the website to find out how to make free and cheap calls to Italy at http://www.localphone.com/call/italy.

CEO and founder, Paul Cusack, commented “Once again I’d like to thank our customers for their continued support and I hope they enjoy this week’s promotion to call their loved ones in Italy for free.”

Non-Localphone customers can still take advantage of the offer by signing up to Localphone.com for free. They simply need to provide their name, location, phone number and email address and they will be able to start calling straight away. Plus, calls can be made from a mobile phone, landline or computer so it cuts out the hassle and extra costs that a customer can incur with calling cards.

Localphone was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Paul Cusack and is headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The company has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of cheap international calling services with a worldwide customer base. The call rates are a true reflection on the company motto, ‘Call global, pay local’ with calls costing from just 0.5¢ per minute; customers really do pay local prices to call internationally.

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How To Make Free Or Cheap Calls To Pakistan At 2 Cents Per Minute

free-calls-pakistanPakistanis now more expensive to call than ever. Pick up the phone and startfree international calling all your friends and family for just 2 cents per minute.

Localphone announced a new type of reference to 2 cents by Pakistan. You can call any landline or mobile number in Pakistan only 2 cents. This must be one of the cheapest rates available for most calls to Pakistan.Localphone with clear call quality, this offer is unbeatable.

If you still need an introduction to how the work Localphone to make cheap or free calls to Pakistan, here’s a quick guide.


1) You can use your PC Localphone. You can download their softphone or through SIP settings in your SIP softphone. If you are a novice user, I strongly suggest your softphone and also stores the history of contacts.

2) Localphone also allows you to get a local number in your country for each contact. Once you call the local number, which will automatically connect to your destination number. No pins to remember more stupid. Simply store this number in your contact book or mobile. It will also save money because you call a local number in your country instead of paying a high fashion or international number.

3) You can use a phone card Localphone wherever you go. How many VoIP providers offer this service? Traveling in theUnited Statesno problem Just go to the option of calling card and change theunited stateswill be given a phone number for a new card and PIN Gateway can be used in theUnited States. This is just great and has a person like me who is always moving.

4) You can also use the SMS Localphone save money. The SMS service is at least 70% cheaper than your mobile operator.

Do not delay and do not be fooled by promises of fat from other VoIP operators who try to sneak in connection fees (Betamax) calls or provide a lower quality for the sake of cheaper rates.

This is your chance to pass Localphone now and you know what, being a reader of VOIP Guide, you already qualify for free minutes, just enter the Localphone and charge $ 1 (use the coupon code: VGFREE any extra credit), you will receive $ 1.50 credit applied to your account for free.