Make free calls to landlines & mobile Phones with Vonage app

Normally the app limits your free calling to other Vonage app users, but now you can ring up just about anyone you like

Talk is cheap or cheap international calls, right? How about this: For a short time, the talk is free.

Vonage Mobile (Android | IOS) is a voice-over-P application for free calls and write SMS (free) to other users of Vonage applications.

Can also call landlines and mobile phones – but usually it costs money. For a limited time, but you can use Vonage mobile to make free calls to landlines and mobiles.

The application taps Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks to make calls and keep your monthly allotment of minutes (but not your data plan, of course). Side effects: Owner of iPod Touch and iPhone with Wi-Fi can only make calls, provided there is an open wireless network around.

As part of the promotion, you can make calls to anyone in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The Fine Print: The service “is for personal, noncommercial call and involves no calls to certain geographic locations, bonuses and special services numbers, satellite telephony services and other call forwarding services.”

There is a limit of 3,000 minutes per month, which is probably more than enough for most people, but no indication of how long it will take some free goodness. (At least one month, I think.)

Best of all, do not use the application to a Vonage customer. Another nice touch: it can keep your existing phone number as your Caller ID.

This could have been better timed for me as I take a trip to Canada and would like to pay in touch with Mrs. Cheapskate, without international voice tariffs keep. Nothing beats free!

Advertisements Gives Away Free or Cheap Calls to Sweden

Local phone is rewarding its customers, giving them a week of free calls to Sweden. Calls to fixed standard in Sweden will be free from 24:00 GMT Clock on Monday 09 July to 12 GMT on Monday 16 July and the offer is available to all customers Local Phone, old and new. Customers can call numbers they want, as long as they like and do not charge local phone. After the offer ends calls to landlines in Sweden is the normal rate of 1 ¢ Local Phone, USD, GBP, EUR 0.4 P and 0.7 ° C per minute. Learn how to make free and cheap calls to Sweden at

Paul Cusack, CEO commented: “This week we focus on our Scandinavian customers, we want to help you are entitled to free calling to thank him for the continuation of our service, and to reward Localphone grow I hope .. the announcement of the other offers for the rest of our customers in the coming months.

For users who are no longer local phone customers can still take advantage of the offer by signing in Once on the site can register for free and start calling. Alternatively, users can download free iPhone Local Phone Android applications and log into your smartphone.

Local Telephone is a leading provider of cheap international calls, and was recently awarded Highly Commended for Best Consumer VoIP ITSPA Awards 2012. Based in Sheffield, UK, in 2007, quickly became one of the largest providers of cheap international calls and offers call rates that are up to 88% cheaper than the competition.

For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview, please call the press room at +44(0) 114 3190538 or email press(at)Localphone(dot)com.

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Catherine Holley


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JustCall Provider of Cheap Calls to Help Save Costs Football Fans During Euro 2012 Mobile base UK cheap calls provider are reaching all football fans in the light of the current Euro 2012 Football Championship – offering cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from any landline phone in the UK or phone. Connecting the viewers at home to the center of the action in Poland and Ukraine.

Keeping in touch with friends and family who are in the European Championship could not be easier and cheaper, with the offer of more than 300 access codes that allow UK consumers and businesses to make cheap international calls at a discount rate greatly from any UK landline or mobile. Especially with Ukraine unless the EU and therefore not included within the last EU regulations that have reduced roaming mobile roaming costs. Even more vital than ever to avoid being caught and to refrain from calling others and using a large amount of data while abroad, therefore, consider getting other people to have access to cheaper alternatives back home in the UK to contact you.

JustCall A spokesman commented, stating why the fans should be careful while abroad:

“UK mobile phones are not protected by price caps outside the European Union, which can lead to a big surprise on his return home – so remember to be careful to make calls and use data for a journey through Ukraine and the rest of the EU, although the price for call and text charges are reduced still much higher than back home.”

Access numbers provided by allow cheap calls to Poland from as little as 1p per minute from any landline or mobile in the UK. Cheap calls to Ukraine, 7p cost per minute from any phone in the UK and 11p per minute from a UK mobile phone. It is vital to remember that these calls discount can only be accessed if calling from the UK and elsewhere around the world.

The spokesperson continues, “The use of our access codes cannot be simpler and does not include the hidden costs or subscription. The tournament lasts less than a month and we are proud to offer calls can help reduce the distance between your friends and family visiting the host cities during this period. ”

About JustCall: is an online telephone directory that provides dialing access codes directly reducing the cost of making international calls. Providing cheap international calls to almost 300 countries with cheap calls to India, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and many more.

What makes it great service is to be charged for the call for their current service provider interest in the list of our access numbers are used. Therefore, you can use the service at any time you choose, without going through the records or subscriptions!

  • No registration, no subscription, no bills, no credit cards
  • No daily maintenance costs Most Wanted
  • No more credit cards lost by not depleted
  • One need look no rate changes
  • No more misleading posters offering utopian minutes you will never get anyway.

Instead JustCall offers you cheap international calls all day every day.

Contact JustCall:

Just Call/ WaveCrest,

1st Floor,

Bishopsgate Court,

4-12 Norton Folgate,

London E1 6DB

Enquiries: 0870 801 7800 Offers Unlimited Free Calls to Italy

free callsThe award winning international call provider, Localphone, is giving away unlimited free calls to Italy for a whole week.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, June 27, 2012 –(– The telecoms company has been running a series of promotions in order to reward its customers for their continued support. This week, Localphone customers can make unlimited free calls to Italy at The promotion applies to all calls to standard landlines in Italy from anywhere in the world from 12pm GMT 25th June until 12pm GMT 2nd July. After this time, the normal cheap Localphone rate will apply, which costs 0.7p GBP / 1¢ USD or 0.9c EUR per minute. Visit the website to find out how to make free and cheap calls to Italy at

CEO and founder, Paul Cusack, commented “Once again I’d like to thank our customers for their continued support and I hope they enjoy this week’s promotion to call their loved ones in Italy for free.”

Non-Localphone customers can still take advantage of the offer by signing up to for free. They simply need to provide their name, location, phone number and email address and they will be able to start calling straight away. Plus, calls can be made from a mobile phone, landline or computer so it cuts out the hassle and extra costs that a customer can incur with calling cards.

Localphone was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Paul Cusack and is headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The company has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of cheap international calling services with a worldwide customer base. The call rates are a true reflection on the company motto, ‘Call global, pay local’ with calls costing from just 0.5¢ per minute; customers really do pay local prices to call internationally.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call the press room at +44(0) 114 3190538 or email press(at)Localphone(dot)com

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Make Cheap International Calls with Digital Calling Cards

Many people try to avoid international calls for their full rate. But all are not so lucky. Well, if you have a friend or a relative in United Kingdom must ensure that they call from time to time. How cheap calls to UK? Choosing the right telecommunications plan seems to be the right choice.

With the economic crisis in the UK at a boiling point, everyone is looking for ways to save some money these days. If you are a lot of international calls to friends and loved ones while then you know how much can be your phone bill. If you save some money if you want to be with these international calls, you should try some things to see if you can spend less money, and maybe can talk more.

It is true that in conversation with members of our family over the phone brings satisfaction, but it is accompanied by considerable amount of phone bill. These high costs of international calls refer to individuals extensive and therefore it is for the plans are to make cheap calls.

One of the best options for cheap calls, buy prepaid calling cards. Users can select the access code on their mobile phone their self and enjoy international calls at cheaper prices. Now, before you buy prepaid card from any provider of services important to check the details thoroughly. The companies often charge higher rates for calls to advertise what they are born.

Therefore, you should check with the company, no hidden fees and charges are inclusive of all taxes informed. It is worth noting that the installation of offering cheaper international calls using access codes is not only mobile phones but also fixed. So if you are using postpaid or prepaid connections, cheap calls can be made of them.

In the presence of total number of companies providing services in the field of international calls intensified high and users must be careful in the final choice. There are still some companies that continue to present a complex procedure to allow users to make international calls. Well, it would be better for the elimination of such service providers and subscribe to services after a simple procedure.

The online presence of these service providers is a great help and is very easy to look the best on the Internet. Most of these companies have a customer service center and users can contact them to get answers to your queries.

Levi Peterson is professionally hired for Digital calling cards and now will be writing for just telecommunication, do you want to take help of cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from UK? Get the inside on and enjoy unlimited cheap calling cards plan.

Cheap Digital Calling Cards – Better option to make Cheap International Calls

cheap international calls

cheap international calls

Digital Calling cards enable you to call anywhere round the globe with small fees. There are companies that even offer free calls with these cards.

Why you have furor over your phone bills. Probably you may not be using cheap calling card. Well if this is the problem let it be clear that in the market there are many retailers which are serving you with cheap international card. You can make a call sans fear of high expenditure on phone budget. There has been a drastic change in the rates of international calling cards. So by choosing cheap calling cards you are surely shielding your honest money.

With an increasing trend in trade liberalization and globalization, the world seems to be shrinking day-by-day. With the ever increasing demands of today’s competitive environment people often need to travels from one place to another. People need to travel overseas for various reasons such as gaining better quality education, business tours or even to spend vacations with their family.

However, the need to stay connected exists in all the circumstance but the huge bills associated with making international calls are a great threat for many of us. The best solution to get rid of this problem and make cheap international calls is to make use of international cards. They look like small credit-cards and are used to pay for telephone services. They are available in prepaid as well as postpaid forms.

However, in order to make the best out of a cheap calling card you must look out for the prepaid plans which require you to buy a certain amount of talk time before you start making international calls. In this manner you can keep track of the amount of money being spent on your telephone services.

The service providers like Orange, O2, Three, and others are also in the fields which provide their service. Buying calling cards is beneficial in some other sense too. The user get certain minutes free for international call. For more information on cheap international calling cards you can search the web for on-line retailers.

How to buy Cheap Calling Cards?

The amount of saying that you can make on international calling depends largely on your choice of calling card. Since there are numerous service providers available in the market it is quite difficult to reach out to the best option, you might get confused and select a wrong calling card. You can either visit any nearby departmental store to purchase a cheap calling card or you can simply log on to the Internet and buy a calling card online.

If you plan to make an online transaction make sure that you choose a well-known website in order to reduce the chance of fraud. You can easily make a comparison of the various options and avail the best offer.

Alice Gareth is a famous and most experienced writer of Telecommunication industry. She shares her important thoughts for telecom industry readers. She has been writing about the Cheap Calling cards & Cheap International calls through his articles for a long time.

Free Calls to India – Anywhere Anytime From UK



If your home is in India, but you are living in another country for reasons such as higher education, better jobs or profitable economic exposure, then talk about the importance cheap international calls to you from wasting time and energy to be. If you cannot see their near and dear ones, you can call, which largely offset. But if fees are for international calls as an obstacle in the way of your passionate discussion with relatives, then there is an antidote to that, too. Is yes, these are international phone cards, which reduce the antidote to your call rates on a large scale. He is such a significant reduction on your call rates to call you in a position at a rate that is as low as local calls.

Data until they are well known to most international calls. But what adds to this beneficial process is the news that some of the portals that offer international calling cards are offering free calls to India with these cards. Phone users are excited about these offers and most of them are rushing through the internet to find how these cards can be used. Here you had better be clear on one thing that the free movement of the word is not a literal use. That means you may have to pay a small fee to use these services. The amount is really too small to enter into account and so it may be considered as free.

The process is, once you find a calling card online search, you may be able to buy online, and if you buy them online, you may be a series of e-mail access. It is not a problem getting that number be. Then you can make free calls to India from home or cell phone with only the prefix before the number of country code and destination number.

For free calls to India, you have to do some basic steps. First you need to join some free network calls. The operator will ask you to give some, and fill in some data, such as your e-mail your identification, proof of residence, your good name, phone number, etc. These networks can make free calls during a specified period and if this time period is exceeded, the call is automatically disconnected.

There are two networks which provide this service is Inclusive International Calls and Evaphone. If a comparison is made between the two then Inclusive International Calls is better as here you will have the lots of options to make free calls every day free of cost anywhere in the worl. On the opposing Evaphone offers only 20 seconds call only.

Mr Rocky keep sharing his knowledge about telecommunications which makes it able to find the plans that best suit your needs. Like if you want to make free calls to India or just you need to make free calls to Sri Lanka so it is best for this information.

Free International Calls from UK Mobile to 100 countries



What if you make free international calls for just a text message from your UK mobile phone? If possible, a great comfort to you will be. This can be called more than 50 destinations. I call instead of free calls, you pay $ 10 per month for this service but it’s not many who will look after you. We all know that calling abroad is very expensive, but after trying this. Ready to go for it? Get the phone from his pocket and do the following:

  • Test this word “JD7” from UK mobile to 81020.
  • In return you will receive a text message. Basically it is compliant by you that you would like to participate with this service. This is the reason you have to send them an SMS. Respond only with “AGREE”.
  • You get on your second SMS access number. Do not let the assumption panic saying that there is a list of SMS can still be heard. This will be the last. And finally you will be billed $ 10. You should know before you for this service, that you comply with a credit of $ 10.
  • You can now continue further discussion.
  • Check other destinations too

Make Free Calls and Send Free Text Sms with International Service



For people who actually create, iPhone and Android phones have, it becomes introduced to a great possibility of appeal and give free text messages to any software installation revolutionary known as Viber. This is software that can actually make free calls and send SMS to anyone who actually has this application, and is one of the best software on the market. Each function is free software, and you do not need a lot of money to the variety of functions, given by him for use.

Viber can also use a lot of other things and would actually be able to achieve seamless integration into existing address book, make sure you actually call each person in your address book, and those with this software installed on your iPhone or Android phone. One of the best features you really find this offer is that it actually has excellent sound quality, and once the software has been activated for you and you will find that there is no requirement of any pin number or some type of username and password.

Again, this is a software that is in great demand for many other platforms, and will soon be available for BlackBerry. The developers of this program was to ensure that they actually move on the platform each ensure that the popularity of this software not only to ensure that telecommunications would be moved to a new level, but also of good quality VoIP calls, which is essential for the people actually call each other with the help of this software.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually make free international calls and text messages to each individual user become Viber using any data plan. Actually, that person would be to use data plans on 3G or Wi-Fi will be necessary, because broadband services are necessary for you to get the optimal amount of quality for SMS messages and calls Free to be important. There are no hard and fast rule to reality for you to take full advantage of such software, and you can easily start calling each and everyone in your address book and make sure you do not have to deal with any type of problem whenever it comes, they call or text message for free.

There are plenty of things you should keep in mind every time you go to other software much, but when it comes Viber, there is no limitation whatsoever. This revolutionary software will also be released on the PC version, which would make it very popular and available to more people.

You can get more information on Free International Calls by visiting using your iPhone and UK mobile phones.

Free roaming calls or Free International Calls Still a Outlying dream – Calls to India



The wait for free roaming and cheap or free Internet calls for customers has got longer as the National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2011 has run into an indefinite delay.

According to sources, the government is yet to initiate the process for the Cabinet approval of the policy even as the 100-day deadline announced by Telecom Minister Kapil Sibalexpired on March 24

Sources said although the department of telecommunications (DoT) is ready with the draft of the new NTP, it has not sent it to concerned ministries, a procedure that has to be carried out before it is finally sent for Cabinet approval.

This has raised doubts amongst stakeholders in the telecom sector who are eagerly waiting for the NTP 2011 to come into force, which would bring more clarity and help the industry decide on its future projects.

Insiders said that there are differences among operators and the government over issues like free roaming and access to internet service providers (ISP) to offer voice services through Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Operators have been protesting over these two contentious issues as they fear losing massively on revenue they earn through voice calls, which amount to over 85 per cent of their source of revenue.

If VOIP replaces the existing voice services offered by operators, voice services that range between 80 paise per minute and Rs 2 per minute may drop drastically. Some ISP licence holders are also planning to offer unlimited free calls for their subscribers once they get licenses to operate on voice as well.

VoIP commonly refers to communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, and transmission techniques involved in delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks such as the Internet.

Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Free roaming, another contentious issue which operators are unwilling to give up, amounts to almost 10-15 per cent of their revenue earnings.

“Obviously, we cannot afford to lose on voice and free roaming. We will be left with data services alone if ISPs are allowed to offer voice services as well. The government needs to make changes in the new NTP. The new policy cannot ruin us. We have made heavy investments in setting up infrastructure and spectrum. We cannot remain a mute spectator,” said a top official working with a leading telecom company.

The NTP is expected to further push the growth of the telecom sector besides settling uncertainty related to spectrum allocation, norms for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and new pricing on which spectrum should be allocated to players.

The NTP 2011 is expected to cover a wide range of topics, including expanding telephony and broadband services to every citizen in India, with a special focus on rural and remote areas, and growing the domestic ICT manufacturing industry.

The draft of NTP 2011 was announced in October by Sibal, who had said that the new policy would be ready after incorporating comments from all stakeholders by the end of 2011. The new policy was to be in place by June this year.

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls