Free voice calls through BlackBerry’s BBM blocked if app updated in UAE

BlackBerry free BBM voice calls blocked always have been in the United Arab Emirates about the software in the country updated will, but which is the beta version still can call for free.

Research in motion introduced an upgrade BlackBerry released the beta version of the voice phone support on November 14, 2012 and a few weeks later to make calls to other BBM customers, if you are on a Wi-Fi connection.

Users in the UAE, which released the update downloaded on December 11, 2012, said their services blocked, and they are not able, free Messenger calls. But many of them still the beta version to use, said that their services were not affected. “I just calling my sister in the United States made BBM voice use,” Anita Prabhu said on Monday.

Now that 10 users around the world capable of BlackBerry, free calls use the Messenger service turned out, even if outside their Wi-Fi network.

Menu “Settings” of the new operating system BB10 clearly shows the feature that allows users to enable voice calls while using the cellular service.

Users can use the new feature between talk and SMS switch at will. In addition, multitasking split-screen, where users can use E-mail and other features on the Smartphone.

According to RIM, the function of particular importance for consumers, especially in emerging markets will be.

“The new BBM-voice feature is for, if you travel and home to call without worrying about call charges would.” It is for, if you have messages that you have cannot wait for quickly explaining complicated details and cooperation to share with colleagues. If your ideas for text are too big, the BBM voice, “says T A McCann, Vice President of BBM and social communities on the edge.

Who has developer; UAE with the BB10 Alpha device and who used this facility says until recently, however, that he does not feature on its new operating system to use, especially after the last update.

BBM voice features include:

Customers can go directly to initiate a voice call BBM or instantly switch from BBM text chat speak and back again.

The split-screen function can reach customers and so, for example, they can send a picture text at the same time, their contact at talking to him at the same time. You can also check other BBM text chats, emails or navigate to other apps while you engaged on a voice call BBM.

BBM has a Visual indicator that shows whether the contact for a voice call is available.

BBM voice is compatible with any accessory that a customer has now for making voice calls on its BlackBerry Smartphone, such as Bluetooth or a wired headset. Customers can also BBM voice about their BlackBerry Smartphone hands free.

If there is no good time to talk, SMS customers can back to respond.


Make Free Calls – How to Enjoy Free International Calls



Every time someone read this sentence, he calls for free at first thinks that there must be a fake type of service only to be mislead people and lead visitors to their pages when the call is not free is not possible in the practical world. But I will say is: No, not a false or service that we do not deceive you something wrong. Free call is now possible, however, be clear on this, that there is no place or company that offers free international calls it is compatible anywhere at any time. But this is the part of the promotional activities.

As you know the company has spent millions of dollars on promotional activities for their business or services are promoting, we are simple, you keep information on the companies that manage recently, this type of activity promotional, like most of these companies forever free calls to potential customers to promote their services. As potential customers come to their sites for free mobile calls through which they examine their quality and level of services, and for which at least 50% of customers buy their services. Because they offer very low rates for calls to cheap phone calls worldwide. You need to take advantage of these free services call these companies and if you find the price affordable to you, you can buy their services as well.

There are some best sites which are offering you to enjoy free calls or free international calls:-

1-  Skype:- is one of the leading companies, the best VOIP service is available worldwide. Simply register on the website and download a software called Skype as easy as, although you can make free calls from PC to PC. And if you buy credits, you can make free calls to any location on any network with call rates very low. You can download the application on your mobile and take advantage of cheap calls from mobile networks.

2-  Localphone:- Local phone is a world leading VoIP provider, also offers an important route for free, anywhere to check the quality of service you just need to go through your e-mail notification ID for this call for free .

4- InclusiveInternationalcalls (IICalls):- IICalls is the best leading telecom website which is offering you to make free calls from UK. Just you need to get registered your self on this website, after then you will be able to enjoy free calls to USA, Free calls to Sri Lanka, Free calls to India, Free calls to Pakistan.

Want To Make Cheap Or Free International Calls From UK

Free-VoIP-CallsInternational calls on mobile phones have never been easier. Testifying neck to neck competition between the various mobile brands, suppliers are deploying various attractive deals and offers to encourage callers. We can now make cheap and free international calls easily without failure. There are many ways to stay connected with Herculean your family, like online chatting, email, phone, chatting etc.


Through the Internet, people generally prefer, mobile phones, as they may be more feasible phones and mobile access anywhere you go, no, what is possible if the Internet. Cheap international call is undoubtedly the best way to communicate with distant friends and relatives. One of the most preferred to get cheap international phone calls with phone cards, which are easily accessible to nearby shopping center business.


Calling cards let you make international calls and send SMS messages to international numbers at very low cost. These cards are available in prepaid and postpaid facilities. Postpaid card to enable users to pay the bill later this month and until then can make unlimited calls without limits, without paying any amount for the entire month. This is useful for those who like to call for a long time. In contrast, the prepaid card works in the talk time credit, you can get after recharging your account. This is the best option for students, not the working class and the woman who usually want to save a lot on the budget. These cards also offer many advantageous offers and roaming rate plans as well.


There are many other ways to make cheap or free international calls fromUK, but it requires the use of the Internet. Users can be cheap calls from PC to PC or PC to phone from theUK to do, with the help of modern technology known as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) base routing of Appeal. This technology has the privilege of free calls to report certain destination, if part of a plan. Apart from this there is another way to make international calls at incredibly low prices. They are due to access. These are numbers that are offered by the call sites. Followed by the selection of these figures by the number of destination, the user can make calls at reduced rates.


However exciting and cost effective way to make cheap international calls, making long distance phone calls have become a piece of cake. Today the market flooded with lucrative offers and conditions. In this competition throat cut, companies want people to their offers, and provide access only. For they attract people with many free gifts like free calls to certain destinations, free text SMS etc. Before opting for any agreement or plan is one thing, given that it is always kept to a genuine dealer. Always compare prices and plans to become wise interlocutor.


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Free International Calls From UK – Rebtel Partners with Inter Communications to Offer Free

Free International Calls

In a joint statement, Rebtel, the world’s second largest mobile VoIP company, and Inter Communications, one of the world’s leading providers of rental mobile Wi-Fi solutions, today announced they have entered into a partnership agreement to offer new users of Inter Communications’ Global Data service 50 minutes of free international calls from Rebtel by way of the company’s unique mobile applications for international calling.

Rebtel, based inStockholm,Sweden, is the world’s second largest mobile VoIP provider with more than 13 million users. The company offers free international calling between Rebtel users over 3G, Wi-Fi and local numbers, as well as the ability call to any other mobile phone or land line for a fraction of a regular operator rate. Established in 2006, Rebtel is funded by two of most venerable venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Benchmark Capital, with prior investments in Skype and MySQL.

Global Data provided by Inter Communications is a supplier service of rental mobile Wi-Fi hotspot solutions, also called Mi-Fi devices, meant specifically for international use. The service enables international travelers to access data services without any caps or exuberant roaming charges while abroad at cost of only ¥1,280 (approximately 17 dollars) per day. The company currently offers access to data services by way of its Mi-Fi devices in 195 countries, and have effectively overtaken telecommunication company Softbank Mobile (available in 67 countries) in coverage reach.

As a means of introducing the Rebtel service to the Japanese market by co-promoting the service with Global Data and effectively reach a highly relevant target group of users comprised of international travelers, Rebtel is giving away

50 minutes of free international calls to all new users of the Global Data Mi-Fi service effective today. Users are encouraged to download Rebtel’s new 2.0 version iPhone app to make calls over Wi-Fi facilitated by the Global Data Mi-Fi devices. Once the 50 free minutes are up, users are able to continue using the Rebtel service to call for rates up to 98% and 40% less than an operator’s and Skype’s SkypeOut service respectively

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Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls