Free International Calls with Conditions

Have free VoIP phone calls to everyone but one thing still not really free. It calls as VoIP numbers and addresses, the landline and mobile numbers. It is very rare, almost impossible, to get free calls to landlines and mobile phones. Some services offer, but with conditions. I briefly checked three services that probably identical, offers similar, free calls to a certain number of international destinations in the fixed network. Interesting at first thought, but then when you read the fine print, you see that there are obstacles.

You must use for VoIP cheap and free call first, buy credit that call other non-free destinations. Then you may call free free destinations in the gold list. Additionally, you must not more than 300 minutes per week free of charge. VoIP stunt is more generous. 6O minutes before buying it offers credit for new users, then the 300 minutes after filling up. Only examples, carefully to his and takes into account all aspects of VoIP service are before a decision is taken.


Smartphones report: Comment by cheap international calls provider

A study by Deloitte-, the advice offered, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients all over the world – predicts that 1 billion exceeds the global shipments of smartphones units for the first time in 2013. An estimated 2 billion devices are expected to be in operation by the end of this year be.

One interesting conclusion from according to the study, which is expected to expand base Smartphone usage with more owners with their Smartphone on the maximum potential and not to the most basic functions such as call, SMS and photos is growing.

Due to the increased difficulty to find – possibly due to the lost cost smartphones and widespread use of market saturation feature phones, which offer such basic functions of open and there is a third-party operating systems – distinct lack of alternatives for those who which to update.

How to research (Deloitte global mobile consumer survey, June 2012), shows in the year 2013, in all five Smartphone owners can never or rarely connect to the Internet via their mobile network or Wi-Fi in the United Kingdom and other developed markets.

These Smart phones that will never or only rarely in the year 2013 is to connect, it believed that some 400 million as a feature phone, use only the most basic features are handled.

With increased Smartphone adoption, it is surprising that under-utilisation of smartphones is also set to increase. The main predictions for 2013, heard that between 50-100 of the tariff will offer a new form of mobile operators around the world, the ‘eat’ services, such as providing unlimited access to certain apps will provide. That would certainly exceed the fear before data and faced high monthly bills, while promoting the use of the available apps and functions decrease.

A spokesman for cheap international calls provider Firstnumber, commented on the recent predictions in 2013:

“It is regrettable that the gap in specifications between the low and high end smartphones, together with lack of understanding data rates, fully take advantage of many of the can hold your Smartphone for a variety of reasons including.

“It is also understandable that can’t keep older generations so currently with technology, but show that the benefits of the Smartphone in everyday life should be encouraged. It is not only the games and apps, but the instant connectivity with family and friends, where millions of benefit.

“It is clear that transparency and visibility is one of the main roadblocks seem ready, located throughout 2013 to be addressed.”

One of the vital areas, the Deliotte highlighted when 2013 Telekom: trends and developments in search is that “The variety of smart phones and Smartphone owners to understand is vital for every company a mobile strategy”.

About Firstnumber: is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls from a UK landline. Providing cheap international calls over 500 countries included cheap calls to South Africa, India, Germany, France, Italy and many more. was launched in 2004 and is a trading style of Wavecrest.

Contact Details:

First Number / WaveCrest, 1st Floor,

Bishopsgate Court,

4-12 Norton Folgate,


E1 6DB

Enquiries: 0870 801 7800

Contact: Darren Paterson



News Source : Offers Free Calls to Switzerland

Localphone customers can make free calls to Switzerland from their mobile phone, landline or computer. Customers will be able to make calls to Switzerland from anywhere in the world for free from 12pm GMT (noon) 9th January until 12pm GMT (noon) 16th January. Customers can call as many numbers as they like, for as long as they like and Localphone won’t charge them. After the offer ends calls to landlines in Switzerland will be charged at the normal Localphone rate of 1.4¢ USD / 0.8p GBP or 1c EUR per minute. Find out how to make free calls to Switzerland at

Paul Cusack, CEO of, commented “We are pleased to kick off the new year with a fantastic offer for all of our customers who call Switzerland. I look forward to announcing more offers for the rest of our customers over the coming months.”

For users who are not already customers of Localphone they can still take advantage of the offer by signing up at Once on the website, they can register for free and start calling. Alternatively, users can download the free Localphone iPhone and Android apps and sign up via their Smartphone. Customers who use the Localphone Smartphone apps can also make international calls via WiFi or their Internet connection.

Localphone is a leading provider of cheap international calls and was recently awarded Highly Commended for Best Consumer VoIP at the ITSPA 2012 Awards. Founded in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 2007 it has quickly grown to become one of the largest providers of cheap international calls and offers call rates that are up to 88% cheaper than the competition.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call the press room at +44(0) 114 3190538 or email press(at)Localphone(dot)com.

Cheap International Calls – International Calling is Become Easier



To make international calls, it was never so easy. Companies roll out various attractive offers and deals are getting harder with competition between different brands by day to day. Easy cheap international calls are now one. You must have international phone cards international phone calls. These cards allow SMS send to international numbers at a very reasonable price.

There are several ways in connection with your love to stay. Including online chat, email, phone chat, etc. is the common good. You want to use dear cell phones instead of Internet as Internet service is not possible everywhere. On the other hand you can take cell phones anywhere you want. No doubt cheap international calls are the best solution, if you want to talk to their relatives and friends, to live in the other corner of the world. Users can make use of prepaid or postpaid cards. With postpaid card users, can talk about anything without any charge. You have to pay your monthly bill. This option is preferred partner and businessmen typically long time. On the other hand, user can make calls in the prepaid card by recharge it again, in the case of an imbalance.

Users can make international phone calls by either PC-PC or PC to phone. There is another advanced technology for cheap international calls. This method is known as VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), who forwarded calls. It is very popular among users. Today, market is flooded with deals and offers. In this throat cut competition company wants people to buy only their offerings and offers. This has benefited many users, because they now have a variety of options, choose the offer that best suits them.

You should keep some points in considerations before choosing a plan is particularly cheap international calls. Watch dealer stores. Buy products and offers only from known and authentic merchants. Very wisely, choose your service provider. Before taking decision you should compare the prices and the plan of a service provider with others. You never know that you would get a much better deal than expected. So, you think twice before your final decision.

Kieran John is a famous and experienced author of the telecommunications industry. She contributes his valuable thoughts for telecom industry readers. She has been informing her readers about cheap international calls & cheap international calls to Pakistan through his articles for a long time.

Virgin Media SmartCall: Make Cheap Landline Calls With Your Mobile

Virgin Media SmartCallThis morning, a press release from Virgin Media fired lifting the lid of a little something called Smart Call.

And what the hell is your smartphone? In short, it is a smart phone application that allows you to move fixed Virgin Media where you can find Wi-Fi. Yes, even abroad.

Smart Call Virgin Media described as “Britain’s first cheap calling service Wi-Fi that customers can use to make unlimited calls from your home plan phone conversation in your Smartphone.”

Depending on the Virgin Media package fixed, there is a clear potential to save a fortune. Other random thoughts: the ability to call feature phones, the receiver does not need Skype or equivalent. Interesting Of course, you can call landlines and Skype features costs but you.

Virgin Medians report that “extensive technical studies” of the Smart Call has been completed, and “select customers” to be part of an “exclusive basis” use in the “coming weeks”. It opened to all Virgin phone customers in early 2013.

“Smart Call Home phone cord stretching all the way to wherever they are, whether in a cafe in Cornwall or on a beach in Bali,” Graeme Oxby, executive director of Virgin Media says mobile phone at home.

“All you need is a home phone from us, a Smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. This innovative service is the client. Further fantastic value their mobile phones and is also another example of how technology makes life easy ”

We still need to know which platforms is supported Smart call, but we put our money on iOS and Android.

Rwanda: How To Make Unlimited Free Internet Calls

Airtel’s recent offer for unlimited free on-net calls of their subscribers by more than just a token journal can be a business idea, but should be of interest to all. Even for MTN and Tigo subscribers.

The assumption, as reported in this paper, is that it could “turn around the telecommunications industry by offering cheap calling rates.”

I have no brief for any of the networks, but will try the “turn around” assumption and consider two likely scenarios, held in India and Kenya, respectively.

Scenario one: Bharti, the company Indian telecom giant Airtel having made a reputation for itself with a marketing strategy proven it become one of the leading global telcom.

The strategy is based on a projection of business based on a perceptive assessment of the local situation, as described in the Business Daily Kenya recently.

Following the example of Indian patterns of behavior, Bharti play was that “given a choice, the Indians talk endlessly on their mobile phones if airtime had a really cheap price.”

To enable low pricing, the other hypothesis was based on facts: having your subscribers make calls within their network costs very little, because there is no interconnection charge to pay for example, when a subscriber makes a call to another mobile network.

This awareness, including the infusion of innovative and creative ideas to cut costs in other areas Bharti assumptions prove right, not only in India, but in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This was witnessed by the meteoric rise of the company from an upstart in 1995 to telcom Indian leader in just five years to 2000.

Scenario Two: Fast forward to 2010, when Bharti bought Zain, Airtel renamed and gain a foothold in the African market.

Since June of this year, Airtel gradually reduced their calling rates in Kenya, reaching the 50 percent rate cut, triggering a price war. This had a dramatic effect through networks, including Safaricom, Yu and Orange.

From an average of 86 minutes of calls per month in Kenya through the networks, this figure rose to an average of 100 minutes per subscriber.

Encouraged by his experiment, Airtel went a step further and reduce call rates by a staggering 75 percent.

Business Daily reports that “the first effect was a dramatic increase in the number of people using mobile phones, for about two million to 22 million. Of these, 1.4 million recorded in Airtel, 323,000 went to Yu, and half Safaricom a million. That was in September 2010. “In December of each network had registered more customers.

Then come the crisis it seems that while it is expected that the price cuts would make Kenyans speak to the Indians, it was not. The misjudgment of how they would behave Kenyans was “reflected in the dramatic fall in the minutes of use sector up to 100 when the price war began 80 within six months.”

It is explained that the Kenyans took advantage of price cuts to use the money to offset the effects of any damage to inflation.

In general, instead of making a profit, the networks ended up losing money as a result of price wars. Lessons were learned, and the situation has greatly improved over networks.

But the winner in the entire series ended up being a subscriber.

What is likely to play in Rwanda?

Sources By: Offers Free International Calls to Peru customers can make unlimited free calls to Peru for a whole week. Calls to landlines in Peru are free and will remain free until 12pm (noon) ET on September 21. The offer is available to all Localphone customers old and new. Customers can call for as long as they want, as many numbers as you want and do not charge Localphone. Calls can also be made from more than 250 countries from a mobile computer, landline or. After the promotion ends, calls to landlines in Peru will be charged at the normal rate of Localphone cheap 0.8p GBP / USD or EUR 1.4c 1.1 ¢ per minute.

Paul Cusack, CEO and founder of Localphone, said: “As part of the recent launch of our Spanish website we are pleased to offer our customers free calls to Peru for a week. Hope you enjoy the promotion and we recommend their friends and family. ”

To learn how to make free calls to Peru in

Localphone has recently translated into Spanish on its website in order to provide a better user experience for its many Spanish-speaking customers. Visit the website in Spanish Localphone

Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Paul Cusack, Localphone is based in Sheffield, UK. It offers a range of services that allow users to make cheap international calls and send SMS text messages. The most popular service is Local Numbers, which offers customer’s local access numbers to call that connect directly to your friend abroad. Customers can also download free applications for iPhone 4G lists and Android, in order to call local numbers or WiFi / internet on the move. Learn about services in Localphone.

For more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact the press office on +44 (0) 114 3190538 or email press (at) Localphone (dot) com.

Contact Information:


Source By:

Post Office offers free calls with broadband bundles

Broadband provider the Post Office is offering six months’ free Anytime calls to households taking out an internet and home phone package.

The Postal give broadband package subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of free phone calls home at any time.

Household’s application for broadband services with the provider can £ 4.50 per month for the first six months of her save a lot by the offer.

The deal applies to consumer application for the post Home Phone with Broadband Standard and Home Phone with Broadband Extra broadband deals.

With the entry-level package – which is priced at £ 21.40 per month – subscribers get up to 8Mb download speeds, a 5GB usage allowance and a free modem.

Leased lines included as part of the headline price.

And 24/7 phone calls to UK landline at home, consumers are able to call cell phone numbers on weekends at no extra charge.

You can also land line numbers at 40 top international destinations – keep in touch with friends and family members abroad.

Household registration for the Home Phone with Broadband Extra package gets up to 8Mb download speeds and paid unlimited use.

A free wireless broadband router is also included so that participants can access the Internet on a variety of Web-enabled devices.

Leased lines can be back in the title price of £ 26.05 per month, with subscribers receive free anytime calls for the first half of their deal included.

The free six-month supply is to 14 October 2012 run.

Soure By

Cheap International Calling Rates for Smartphone Users with Woosh

The integration of several intelligent technologies ISP Woosh offers New Zealanders have access to cheaper fares and can choose the death of the landline.

Unzipped Woosh plans to combine a fast broadband connection with ADSL2 + router a nude smart Wi-Fi modem for client access to some of the amazing features. Better yet, plans are among the most competitive in the market, the customer may be a whopping 40 gigabytes of only $ 73 is per month.

Richard Fry, Chief Operating Officer, said: A growing number of New Zealanders are using smartphones and enjoy the convenience of the address book applications and devices. The high charges for calls incurred these phones, compared to fixed rates – means that many people switch to your landline number, if in the house. ”

Make new plans with the naked uncompressed Woosh broadband customers with their mobile phones in the household must not have this kind of Mobile High worried.

Customers simply a free application and can use your iPhone or Android phones as their home phone, allowing customers free international calls and national and local calls get very cheap, while at home.

“Customers can automatically use your iPhone or Android phone to your home network, when they enter your home. This innovative solution allows customers to use their phone to call anywhere in New Zealand only 13c/minute 23c/minute or on a mobile. This is a big drop in prices for customers all use to pay 40c per minute or more of these national and mobile calls are like cheap international calls. ”

In addition to cheap  calls to all plans of unpacked fixed and mobile calls that make use of insurance, so that customers can call any landline or mobile phone in 40 countries, including New Zealand, at any time, for a maximum of 40 minutes per call, and pay $ 2.40 for a call from a landline and $ 3.40 for mobile calls.

Fry adds. “We have a decision before delivery to customer satisfaction or quality of the hardware that makes the commitments of the clients we have built for us a first-line modem, and built in Europe to ensure we provide a reliable, fast and friendly service. also have made ​​it easier to start with a simple touch of the installation. simply turn the modem into the jack in it, and they are connected. in combination with our plans, no New Zealanders are decompressed access to the latest technologies and applications -. all at an incredibly low price ”

Unzipped plan will offer a range of features, the exceptional value. As well as free voice mail and caller ID, customers can also service my friends; it allows them to make free calls from mobile to a friend in New Zealand and landline numbers for only $ 5.98 per month. In addition to the 40GB plan with customer’s free local calls and then phone calls for free with friends and family in a town that is outside your local calling area to live free. And the 80GB plan Unzipped domestic calls are free of charge for up to 40 minutes per call.

The price of the new uncompressed Woosh plans, with the naked power of broadband and VoIP technology begins, starting at $ 68 a month.

Make free calls to landlines & mobile Phones with Vonage app

Normally the app limits your free calling to other Vonage app users, but now you can ring up just about anyone you like

Talk is cheap or cheap international calls, right? How about this: For a short time, the talk is free.

Vonage Mobile (Android | IOS) is a voice-over-P application for free calls and write SMS (free) to other users of Vonage applications.

Can also call landlines and mobile phones – but usually it costs money. For a limited time, but you can use Vonage mobile to make free calls to landlines and mobiles.

The application taps Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks to make calls and keep your monthly allotment of minutes (but not your data plan, of course). Side effects: Owner of iPod Touch and iPhone with Wi-Fi can only make calls, provided there is an open wireless network around.

As part of the promotion, you can make calls to anyone in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The Fine Print: The service “is for personal, noncommercial call and involves no calls to certain geographic locations, bonuses and special services numbers, satellite telephony services and other call forwarding services.”

There is a limit of 3,000 minutes per month, which is probably more than enough for most people, but no indication of how long it will take some free goodness. (At least one month, I think.)

Best of all, do not use the application to a Vonage customer. Another nice touch: it can keep your existing phone number as your Caller ID.

This could have been better timed for me as I take a trip to Canada and would like to pay in touch with Mrs. Cheapskate, without international voice tariffs keep. Nothing beats free!

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