Virgin Media SmartCall: Make Cheap Landline Calls With Your Mobile

Virgin Media SmartCallThis morning, a press release from Virgin Media fired lifting the lid of a little something called Smart Call.

And what the hell is your smartphone? In short, it is a smart phone application that allows you to move fixed Virgin Media where you can find Wi-Fi. Yes, even abroad.

Smart Call Virgin Media described as “Britain’s first cheap calling service Wi-Fi that customers can use to make unlimited calls from your home plan phone conversation in your Smartphone.”

Depending on the Virgin Media package fixed, there is a clear potential to save a fortune. Other random thoughts: the ability to call feature phones, the receiver does not need Skype or equivalent. Interesting Of course, you can call landlines and Skype features costs but you.

Virgin Medians report that “extensive technical studies” of the Smart Call has been completed, and “select customers” to be part of an “exclusive basis” use in the “coming weeks”. It opened to all Virgin phone customers in early 2013.

“Smart Call Home phone cord stretching all the way to wherever they are, whether in a cafe in Cornwall or on a beach in Bali,” Graeme Oxby, executive director of Virgin Media says mobile phone at home.

“All you need is a home phone from us, a Smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. This innovative service is the client. Further fantastic value their mobile phones and is also another example of how technology makes life easy ”

We still need to know which platforms is supported Smart call, but we put our money on iOS and Android.


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