Post Office offers free calls with broadband bundles

Broadband provider the Post Office is offering six months’ free Anytime calls to households taking out an internet and home phone package.

The Postal give broadband package subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of free phone calls home at any time.

Household’s application for broadband services with the provider can £ 4.50 per month for the first six months of her save a lot by the offer.

The deal applies to consumer application for the post Home Phone with Broadband Standard and Home Phone with Broadband Extra broadband deals.

With the entry-level package – which is priced at £ 21.40 per month – subscribers get up to 8Mb download speeds, a 5GB usage allowance and a free modem.

Leased lines included as part of the headline price.

And 24/7 phone calls to UK landline at home, consumers are able to call cell phone numbers on weekends at no extra charge.

You can also land line numbers at 40 top international destinations – keep in touch with friends and family members abroad.

Household registration for the Home Phone with Broadband Extra package gets up to 8Mb download speeds and paid unlimited use.

A free wireless broadband router is also included so that participants can access the Internet on a variety of Web-enabled devices.

Leased lines can be back in the title price of £ 26.05 per month, with subscribers receive free anytime calls for the first half of their deal included.

The free six-month supply is to 14 October 2012 run.

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