Cheap International Calling Rates for Smartphone Users with Woosh

The integration of several intelligent technologies ISP Woosh offers New Zealanders have access to cheaper fares and can choose the death of the landline.

Unzipped Woosh plans to combine a fast broadband connection with ADSL2 + router a nude smart Wi-Fi modem for client access to some of the amazing features. Better yet, plans are among the most competitive in the market, the customer may be a whopping 40 gigabytes of only $ 73 is per month.

Richard Fry, Chief Operating Officer, said: A growing number of New Zealanders are using smartphones and enjoy the convenience of the address book applications and devices. The high charges for calls incurred these phones, compared to fixed rates – means that many people switch to your landline number, if in the house. ”

Make new plans with the naked uncompressed Woosh broadband customers with their mobile phones in the household must not have this kind of Mobile High worried.

Customers simply a free application and can use your iPhone or Android phones as their home phone, allowing customers free international calls and national and local calls get very cheap, while at home.

“Customers can automatically use your iPhone or Android phone to your home network, when they enter your home. This innovative solution allows customers to use their phone to call anywhere in New Zealand only 13c/minute 23c/minute or on a mobile. This is a big drop in prices for customers all use to pay 40c per minute or more of these national and mobile calls are like cheap international calls. ”

In addition to cheap  calls to all plans of unpacked fixed and mobile calls that make use of insurance, so that customers can call any landline or mobile phone in 40 countries, including New Zealand, at any time, for a maximum of 40 minutes per call, and pay $ 2.40 for a call from a landline and $ 3.40 for mobile calls.

Fry adds. “We have a decision before delivery to customer satisfaction or quality of the hardware that makes the commitments of the clients we have built for us a first-line modem, and built in Europe to ensure we provide a reliable, fast and friendly service. also have made ​​it easier to start with a simple touch of the installation. simply turn the modem into the jack in it, and they are connected. in combination with our plans, no New Zealanders are decompressed access to the latest technologies and applications -. all at an incredibly low price ”

Unzipped plan will offer a range of features, the exceptional value. As well as free voice mail and caller ID, customers can also service my friends; it allows them to make free calls from mobile to a friend in New Zealand and landline numbers for only $ 5.98 per month. In addition to the 40GB plan with customer’s free local calls and then phone calls for free with friends and family in a town that is outside your local calling area to live free. And the 80GB plan Unzipped domestic calls are free of charge for up to 40 minutes per call.

The price of the new uncompressed Woosh plans, with the naked power of broadband and VoIP technology begins, starting at $ 68 a month.


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  1. Great service cheap calling rates for India from UK, thanks it save lots of money, you guys are doing great job, thanks for the best and cheap international calling services.

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