Localphone.com Offers Unlimited Free Calls to Italy

free callsThe award winning international call provider, Localphone, is giving away unlimited free calls to Italy for a whole week.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, June 27, 2012 –(PR.com)– The telecoms company has been running a series of promotions in order to reward its customers for their continued support. This week, Localphone customers can make unlimited free calls to Italy at http://www.localphone.com/call/italy. The promotion applies to all calls to standard landlines in Italy from anywhere in the world from 12pm GMT 25th June until 12pm GMT 2nd July. After this time, the normal cheap Localphone rate will apply, which costs 0.7p GBP / 1¢ USD or 0.9c EUR per minute. Visit the website to find out how to make free and cheap calls to Italy at http://www.localphone.com/call/italy.

CEO and founder, Paul Cusack, commented “Once again I’d like to thank our customers for their continued support and I hope they enjoy this week’s promotion to call their loved ones in Italy for free.”

Non-Localphone customers can still take advantage of the offer by signing up to Localphone.com for free. They simply need to provide their name, location, phone number and email address and they will be able to start calling straight away. Plus, calls can be made from a mobile phone, landline or computer so it cuts out the hassle and extra costs that a customer can incur with calling cards.

Localphone was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Paul Cusack and is headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The company has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of cheap international calling services with a worldwide customer base. The call rates are a true reflection on the company motto, ‘Call global, pay local’ with calls costing from just 0.5¢ per minute; customers really do pay local prices to call internationally.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call the press room at +44(0) 114 3190538 or email press(at)Localphone(dot)com

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Make Cheap International Calls with Digital Calling Cards

Many people try to avoid international calls for their full rate. But all are not so lucky. Well, if you have a friend or a relative in United Kingdom must ensure that they call from time to time. How cheap calls to UK? Choosing the right telecommunications plan seems to be the right choice.

With the economic crisis in the UK at a boiling point, everyone is looking for ways to save some money these days. If you are a lot of international calls to friends and loved ones while then you know how much can be your phone bill. If you save some money if you want to be with these international calls, you should try some things to see if you can spend less money, and maybe can talk more.

It is true that in conversation with members of our family over the phone brings satisfaction, but it is accompanied by considerable amount of phone bill. These high costs of international calls refer to individuals extensive and therefore it is for the plans are to make cheap calls.

One of the best options for cheap calls, buy prepaid calling cards. Users can select the access code on their mobile phone their self and enjoy international calls at cheaper prices. Now, before you buy prepaid card from any provider of services important to check the details thoroughly. The companies often charge higher rates for calls to advertise what they are born.

Therefore, you should check with the company, no hidden fees and charges are inclusive of all taxes informed. It is worth noting that the installation of offering cheaper international calls using access codes is not only mobile phones but also fixed. So if you are using postpaid or prepaid connections, cheap calls can be made of them.

In the presence of total number of companies providing services in the field of international calls intensified high and users must be careful in the final choice. There are still some companies that continue to present a complex procedure to allow users to make international calls. Well, it would be better for the elimination of such service providers and subscribe to services after a simple procedure.

The online presence of these service providers is a great help and is very easy to look the best on the Internet. Most of these companies have a customer service center and users can contact them to get answers to your queries.

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