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In the past we talked about many or cross-platform applications such as VoIP Viber, tango, which allows mobile calls. Today we will talk about other cross-platform applications such as VoIP Maaii. What is special Maaii offered free 100 minutes a day!

Maaii is a multi-platform application for making calls and messaging. You can make free calls or send messages to your contacts for free chat and social networking maaii friends. Do not just talk and text which allow free calls every day. Yes, you can make free calls to India.

Maaii for iPad | Maaii for iPhone | Maaii for Android | Maaii for PC | Maaii Features

1. Register maaii with your mobile phone number. It’s very simple.

2. Stay connected to anyone at any time by calling or messaging with the ultimate app for Android and iPhone.

3. Manage and sync your phone contacts and Facebook friends using a single app – super simple, super easy communications!

4. Send instant messages and make free calls to your maaii friends via WiFi or 3G.

5. Intelligent-dial keypad for easy contact search.

6. Never miss a call or chat message, even when the app offline.

7. Calls between maaii users are free.




Best Of Maaii voip application for iPad/iPhone and Android devices : Maaii Free 100 Minutes Daily!

When you get registered you will receive 100 free minutes to call landline and mobile numbers in selected destinations. It is basically free credit worth $1.9.

How can you get free 100 international minutes (credit worth $1.9) from Maaii :

1. Download and install Maaii on your iPhone.

2. Create an account with Maaii : it will ask for your phone number. Maaii will send SMS code to verify your mobile number. You will find that your account balance is $1.9,which allows you to make up to 100 free international calls to the world.

Free 100 International Minutes daily

For a limited time, apply additional free credit maaii all user accounts with credit balances within the U.S. $ 1.90.

The additional free credit balances shall be charged back credit to the original grant amount of U.S. $ 1.90.

Account charging will take place every day and end at maaii discretion without notice to end users. All the minutes any given away as part of this promotional free minutes will be forfeited (if not used) 3 months after registration.

The duration of a call is based on one minute increments. Fractions of minutes will be rounded to the next minute.

Free Calling Destinations for Maaii

Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney),Argentina (Buenos Aires),  Belgium, China, Croatia, Canada, Chile (Santiago), France, Greece, Germany,  Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico (Mexico City), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg), South Korea, Singapore,  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand (Bongkok), Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Venezuela (Caracas); and mobiles located in Hong Kong, China, India, Puerto Rico and Singapore.


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3 responses to “Maaii: Enjoy Free Calls – Free 100 Minutes Daily : Blackberry | iPhone | Android | PC

  1. sam hilal

    Dear sir.

    I am still windering how to add extra cridet to my maaii program. So what if my 1.99 USD has fin would i be able to recharge the balance and to make new calls!!??

    Thank you for your concern.

    Sinecerly yours.

  2. Theenathayalan Parthasarathy

    Response from Maaii team:

    If your remaining Maaii credits ran out, you will not be able to use Maaii paid calls but users can still enjoy Maaii to Maaii free call, to call your friends who have installed Maaii for free. 

    Alternatively, users can earn free Maaii-Out Credit by playing our recently launched facebook app – “Maaii Tag”. It’s an exclusive facebook game where users can tag friends for Credit earning up to $25/mo (mobile number), or more than 1300 minutes.  Follow the steps below to get started on your first game.

    How to play:
    1. Connect your Maaii and facebook accounts via the “facebook connect” feature in the Maaii application under “more”.
    2. Sign into your facebook account via your computer and go to
    3. Select “Start Now to begin your game”
    4. Select “Tag your friends” and select up to 50 friends at a time to tag.  
    5. For every friend that accepts your tag, you earn $.10 of Maaii-Out credit
    6. After your game ends, remember to submit your score. (Credit will deliver into your Maaii account within 3 days of submitting your score)
    NOTE: We will not be able to apply the complimentary credit into your Maaii account if you disconnect your facebook account with your Maaii account.

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