Free International Calls from UK Mobile to 100 countries



What if you make free international calls for just a text message from your UK mobile phone? If possible, a great comfort to you will be. This can be called more than 50 destinations. I call instead of free calls, you pay $ 10 per month for this service but it’s not many who will look after you. We all know that calling abroad is very expensive, but after trying this. Ready to go for it? Get the phone from his pocket and do the following:

  • Test this word “JD7” from UK mobile to 81020.
  • In return you will receive a text message. Basically it is compliant by you that you would like to participate with this service. This is the reason you have to send them an SMS. Respond only with “AGREE”.
  • You get on your second SMS access number. Do not let the assumption panic saying that there is a list of SMS can still be heard. This will be the last. And finally you will be billed $ 10. You should know before you for this service, that you comply with a credit of $ 10.
  • You can now continue further discussion.
  • Check other destinations too

Make Free Calls and Send Free Text Sms with International Service



For people who actually create, iPhone and Android phones have, it becomes introduced to a great possibility of appeal and give free text messages to any software installation revolutionary known as Viber. This is software that can actually make free calls and send SMS to anyone who actually has this application, and is one of the best software on the market. Each function is free software, and you do not need a lot of money to the variety of functions, given by him for use.

Viber can also use a lot of other things and would actually be able to achieve seamless integration into existing address book, make sure you actually call each person in your address book, and those with this software installed on your iPhone or Android phone. One of the best features you really find this offer is that it actually has excellent sound quality, and once the software has been activated for you and you will find that there is no requirement of any pin number or some type of username and password.

Again, this is a software that is in great demand for many other platforms, and will soon be available for BlackBerry. The developers of this program was to ensure that they actually move on the platform each ensure that the popularity of this software not only to ensure that telecommunications would be moved to a new level, but also of good quality VoIP calls, which is essential for the people actually call each other with the help of this software.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually make free international calls and text messages to each individual user become Viber using any data plan. Actually, that person would be to use data plans on 3G or Wi-Fi will be necessary, because broadband services are necessary for you to get the optimal amount of quality for SMS messages and calls Free to be important. There are no hard and fast rule to reality for you to take full advantage of such software, and you can easily start calling each and everyone in your address book and make sure you do not have to deal with any type of problem whenever it comes, they call or text message for free.

There are plenty of things you should keep in mind every time you go to other software much, but when it comes Viber, there is no limitation whatsoever. This revolutionary software will also be released on the PC version, which would make it very popular and available to more people.

You can get more information on Free International Calls by visiting using your iPhone and UK mobile phones.

Free roaming calls or Free International Calls Still a Outlying dream – Calls to India



The wait for free roaming and cheap or free Internet calls for customers has got longer as the National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2011 has run into an indefinite delay.

According to sources, the government is yet to initiate the process for the Cabinet approval of the policy even as the 100-day deadline announced by Telecom Minister Kapil Sibalexpired on March 24

Sources said although the department of telecommunications (DoT) is ready with the draft of the new NTP, it has not sent it to concerned ministries, a procedure that has to be carried out before it is finally sent for Cabinet approval.

This has raised doubts amongst stakeholders in the telecom sector who are eagerly waiting for the NTP 2011 to come into force, which would bring more clarity and help the industry decide on its future projects.

Insiders said that there are differences among operators and the government over issues like free roaming and access to internet service providers (ISP) to offer voice services through Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Operators have been protesting over these two contentious issues as they fear losing massively on revenue they earn through voice calls, which amount to over 85 per cent of their source of revenue.

If VOIP replaces the existing voice services offered by operators, voice services that range between 80 paise per minute and Rs 2 per minute may drop drastically. Some ISP licence holders are also planning to offer unlimited free calls for their subscribers once they get licenses to operate on voice as well.

VoIP commonly refers to communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, and transmission techniques involved in delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks such as the Internet.

Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Free roaming, another contentious issue which operators are unwilling to give up, amounts to almost 10-15 per cent of their revenue earnings.

“Obviously, we cannot afford to lose on voice and free roaming. We will be left with data services alone if ISPs are allowed to offer voice services as well. The government needs to make changes in the new NTP. The new policy cannot ruin us. We have made heavy investments in setting up infrastructure and spectrum. We cannot remain a mute spectator,” said a top official working with a leading telecom company.

The NTP is expected to further push the growth of the telecom sector besides settling uncertainty related to spectrum allocation, norms for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and new pricing on which spectrum should be allocated to players.

The NTP 2011 is expected to cover a wide range of topics, including expanding telephony and broadband services to every citizen in India, with a special focus on rural and remote areas, and growing the domestic ICT manufacturing industry.

The draft of NTP 2011 was announced in October by Sibal, who had said that the new policy would be ready after incorporating comments from all stakeholders by the end of 2011. The new policy was to be in place by June this year.

Maaii: Enjoy Free Calls – Free 100 Minutes Daily : Blackberry | iPhone | Android | PC



In the past we talked about many or cross-platform applications such as VoIP Viber, tango, which allows mobile calls. Today we will talk about other cross-platform applications such as VoIP Maaii. What is special Maaii offered free 100 minutes a day!

Maaii is a multi-platform application for making calls and messaging. You can make free calls or send messages to your contacts for free chat and social networking maaii friends. Do not just talk and text which allow free calls every day. Yes, you can make free calls to India.

Maaii for iPad | Maaii for iPhone | Maaii for Android | Maaii for PC | Maaii Features

1. Register maaii with your mobile phone number. It’s very simple.

2. Stay connected to anyone at any time by calling or messaging with the ultimate app for Android and iPhone.

3. Manage and sync your phone contacts and Facebook friends using a single app – super simple, super easy communications!

4. Send instant messages and make free calls to your maaii friends via WiFi or 3G.

5. Intelligent-dial keypad for easy contact search.

6. Never miss a call or chat message, even when the app offline.

7. Calls between maaii users are free.




Best Of Maaii voip application for iPad/iPhone and Android devices : Maaii Free 100 Minutes Daily!

When you get registered you will receive 100 free minutes to call landline and mobile numbers in selected destinations. It is basically free credit worth $1.9.

How can you get free 100 international minutes (credit worth $1.9) from Maaii :

1. Download and install Maaii on your iPhone.

2. Create an account with Maaii : it will ask for your phone number. Maaii will send SMS code to verify your mobile number. You will find that your account balance is $1.9,which allows you to make up to 100 free international calls to the world.

Free 100 International Minutes daily

For a limited time, apply additional free credit maaii all user accounts with credit balances within the U.S. $ 1.90.

The additional free credit balances shall be charged back credit to the original grant amount of U.S. $ 1.90.

Account charging will take place every day and end at maaii discretion without notice to end users. All the minutes any given away as part of this promotional free minutes will be forfeited (if not used) 3 months after registration.

The duration of a call is based on one minute increments. Fractions of minutes will be rounded to the next minute.

Free Calling Destinations for Maaii

Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney),Argentina (Buenos Aires),  Belgium, China, Croatia, Canada, Chile (Santiago), France, Greece, Germany,  Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico (Mexico City), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg), South Korea, Singapore,  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand (Bongkok), Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Venezuela (Caracas); and mobiles located in Hong Kong, China, India, Puerto Rico and Singapore.

Make Free Calls From Mobiles in India With Inclusiveinternationalcalls



Top international call provider from UK,, is rewarding its customers by giving them a week of unlimited free calls to India.

Free Calls from mobile phones in India will be free from UK mobile networks, like O2, Orange, 3 mobile, T mobile. Customers will be able to make the calls from anywhere in the world using their mobile, landline or computer. There are no restrictions on the length of calls or how many calls each customer can make, so it really is unlimited calling. Find out how to make free calls to India at

Mr Zia, CEO of IICalls, said, “With a population of over 8 million it is no surprise that India is one of our most popular calling destinations. We are pleased to be able to give our customers these free calls and we are planning lots more thrilling announcements for the rest of 2012.”

inclusiveinternationalcalls, head quartered in Sheffield United Kingdom, was founded in 2010 and has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of cheap & free international calls. The company offers a number of services that enable customers to make calls from their phone or mobile, but the most popular service is Local Numbers. It gives users unique local landline numbers that connect straight through to their friend or loved one abroad. This offers an extremely cheap way to make international calls from your phone without compromising on call quality. inclusiveinternationalcalls prides itself on offering an honest, reliable and straightforward service. There are no hidden connection fees and their call rates are up to 90% cheaper than the competition.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, you can email here


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Catherine Holley

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Free Calls Or Free International Calls – Save Your Money From A Lot of Bills



With the mobile phone in each hand, and its best to accept free calls. However, if you are of this, such as calls from friends abroad or have regular contact healthy and wealthy, the answer for you free call center. This is actually easier and appropriate costumes for all of us. Those who talk only to love is not enough of them. Free SMS from PC to phone or connection to the large number of your friend may not be easy.

Free calls is the number one of the platforms, the number one call offers that guarantee to reach the teenager regarded as the old one. This has included the responsibility for long-distance calls, free international calls and computer to make phone calls. They give an understanding of deals, mobile plans and advice on where revenue can be stored exactly easy. With criticism that will help a lot on the program ideal for individual use to confirm their cell phones, a lot more for home telephone number as well as solutions.

Many think about why they want to take that free calls to many destinations and even numbers. Ask yourself exactly why-not? “Most of the changing consumer accept a plan that corresponds to their use and help them to save. And also the same is by giving you done free SMS and calls, so you do not care of the bill. Other than free calls you can also check out tutorials, and explore various online videos on mobile apps and the ones currently on drugs.

Visitors and members of the exclusive offers given. This includes not connect free calls to loved ones in another country, and the comparison of offers and services first. This internet platform also helps a great deal of knowledge about the most recent application to win, the evolution of technology in the phone, medicines and equipment, including Windows, Linux and Max calls are also free first-hand news about the newly introduced services, best with them. Although the comparison of different phone models, the application is the greatest thing to achieve with the call center free, it saves a lot has changed in your bill.

And these suits youth because they feel limited or placed under pressure, if their phone bill is high. Often companies offer a limited number of calls for all the different networks, or numerous calls received on their network through a voucher, which a consumer purchases at a less cost. This has been compared as a check on the website and the customer is best suited for their needs and pocket.

Free calls and SMS are available, with a few clicks on your desktop. And if we stay informed about computers and computer software that are completely new and unique to subscribe, please e-mail services, and we should all want one and the latest in your inbox. E-mails that the latest addition to make to give you the information you requested for. Dear superior phone service, free with this platform. Start with free calls to reduce travel and the phone bill to the full.

Looking at all this facts you should learn more about on Free calls & free calls to India, then you definately  should go to website Inclusive International Calls.

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