Free mobile calls with Skype

Free-mobile-calls-with-SkypePreviously I was using different VoIP service make international call, but that cost me a lot. A few days ago I came to know how to make free calls to mobile phones using Skype. I was unsure of what it could be a talk, but I decided to try it. I was shocked at the same time excited that my call is connected, at no cost.


Go to Skype site and download it for free

If you do not have Skype, download it on the Internet. It costs you nothing. Then you create your account.

Enter your Skype 0018003733411. You will be prompted to select the category by a registration message. You do not have any button click instead of continuing to hear it. If you “free call” hear the word, then you must repeat the word clearly. This word usually comes at the end.

After the various ads will play, they are usually less than 1 minute. If the display is finished, select the desired number. The number should be in accordance with that order

Country code + mobile number + city code + landlines number

Make free calls by this process are to limit your call to five minutes. Then it will be automatically disconnected. Again, we need to go through the same process to make free call. The thing that makes us angry sometimes, but I will say that something is better than nothing. Sometimes you are busy when dialing from the embassy has requested, in this case, you must choose your destination number two or three times. The sound quality is perfect if you use a helmet with you. It’s really easy to use. And yes all you need is a good internet connection. Skype is a better way to get a free call worldwide, because you get something for nothing.


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