New Service for Free Phone Calls And Free Video Calls

Indoona In Europe, smartphone and PC (Wi – 3G and Fi) from the free video calls and send multimedia messages to users around the world indoona is the first application that allows free phone calls.

indoona combines the communications features are now available ideal for both voice and multimedia services is the ideal application for communication and social. – And even if the application is stopped pushing you notice, is always available. Currently indoona, IOS platform and Android (iPhone, iPhone and iPod) are provided for, from the Android Market app store and can be downloaded directly from website and for Mac or PC.

Free Phone Calls

Using indoona, you can call free other users indoona using wireless LAN and 3G. In addition, it is possible to call people who do not even install application fee and low-cost flights indoonaout indoona service.

Free Video calls

Using indoona, create other users via their computer or indoona smartphones for video calls using both free and available to receive from.

Free Multimedia messages

indoona and can send free multimedia messages, you can send pictures and video clips to access your site.

The smart address book

This feature has been organized all the contacts on the PC and smartphone phone book, it synchronizes the agenda indoona to be updated constantly to alert you when you download an application someone you can make free calls.

Indoona Out

By purchasing a credit application directly from the site, no connection fee, low cost fares for less than one euro cent per minute, worldwide phone calling fixed and mobile phones, the actual number of seconds can be based on a conversation.

Indoona number

You can use the numbers as if people indoona anywhere, anytime, with no fixed you can make free international call. Your friends, relatives, colleagues from the same country will call numbers are local calls would cost indoona pay as usual. In addition, you are abroad and so you can reach without the cost of roaming voice call you if you save the phone number and someone indoona. Indoona number for one year is available at 48 euros or 15 euros for three months.




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Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls
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