Sprint launches SIP Toll or Call Free service

Free_CallsU.S. operator Sprint has launched a free Calls SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows companies to utilize SIP trunks and EIR and the existing communication system to make their own routing decisions and the opportunity to participate in the company. Unlike other providers, Sprint SIP free customer support directed routing. Sprint offers incoming SIP free calls Sprint SIP Trunking and MPLS global network. Toll Free from the RTC and transported by the network for delivery via IP access service. Companies can make use of the common ground across time zones and locations to provide services beyond the capacity of a local service provider. Using SIP and SIP Redirect journalist, free from Sprint supports directed routing SIP clients. Free full SIP routing infiltration made ​​to the current Sprint SIP Trunking. When combined with SIP trunking, which allows companies to consolidate voice and data traffic over a single network, the ability to share across your business and the use of unified communications. Free Calls SIP is available through Sprint Business, which includes the sales, support, marketing and operations dedicated exclusively to business, small and medium enterprises and public sector clients


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Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls
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