OWWA offers free calls to OFWs in Syria

free-calls-ukFilipino families in Syria still can take in the Administration of Overseas Workers Welfare (OWWA) “Operation Libreng Tawag Syria” to their loved ones in the country affected by conflict of contact.

“The lines of communication between workers in Syria and their families here will help you find the whereabouts of Filipinos abroad and inform them of serious efforts by the government to help them,” said OWWA Administrator Carmelita Dimzon.

OFW families can visit the OWWA main office on FB Harrison corner of 7th Street, Pasay City on the “Operation Syria Libreng Tawag” to complete.

Relatives of OFWs in Syria can also get in touch with OWWA through the following numbers:

OWWA MAIN (632) 8917601-24

24/7 OWWA Operations Center 833 OWWA / 833 6992

TEXT HOTLINE – 2917 Press 3 for OWWA (63) 917-8986992

Email Opcenter7@owwa.gov.ph and Owwa_opcenter@yahoo.com

Dimzon said that families of Filipino workers in Syria may also make free calls international in all OWWA Regional agencies.

Rose last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFA) the alert level of crisis in Syria 3-4 in the country due to escalating violence

Under crisis alert level 4 of the mandatory repatriation will take place at the expense of the Philippine government. The Filipinos are encouraged to leave Syria immediately.

By 16 December OWWA showed that a total of 383 Filipino workers have been in Syria for the repatriation of mandatory use of government.

 There are about 5,000 Filipinos working in Syria.

Reference : abs-cbnnews.com


Tips to save money on free international calls from UK

free-calls-bangladeshMany of us have friends or relatives abroad. Current call, the cost of international calls and is meant for special occasions. However, Skype video calls, free calls can be made now.


Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, leads international calls. Since 2001, Skype has grown more than 500 million subscribers. The growing popularity of VoIP LED technology to install chat application Google Google built in email program. Now you can make free calls to anyone inIndia,Pakistan,USAto make your computer if you’re anywhere in the world.


If you’re like most people who are always on the lookout for financial bids, then you have to use a look at this offer. For only $ 10 a month you can have unlimited international calls to over 40 countries do. This is cheaper than that of O2 Mobile offered. Your O2 International favorites, you can call the numbers Deal 3 for € 10 per month. And there are limits to the 3000 minutes. With this new service you can as many numbers as you call in 40 countries, at no additional cost.


Before VoIP, the business card was the only way to save money on international calls. Calls are routed through a cheaper telecom provider. Sometimes the quality of the connection would be a little suspicious, but in general the amount of money you have saved, the lack of quality would be negligible.


Other ways to make calls is cheaper to use a phone number. If you have a number, you save a connection to another telephone network, a significant amount in the long run, especially if you choose from a landline. If the cost, for example toIndiadirectly from a BT landline is 20 cents per minute if you choose 0844 474 5252 cost only 5 cents per minute.


If I wanted to call theU.S.from theUnited Kingdom, 10 cents per minute, but again, would you choose if the cost 0844 474 5252, then it would cost 5 pence per minute.


With the development of the Internet, VoIP has allowed families to help them to remain in contact despite the great geographical distance between them. In my opinion, Skype is the best way to make very cheap international calls. With Skype you can make in anyone at any time.


Free calls to Bangladesh are easy if you know how. Know to remove O2 international calls or Orange international calls, whether you have a mobile phone O2 andOrange.

New Service for Free Phone Calls And Free Video Calls

Indoona In Europe, smartphone and PC (Wi – 3G and Fi) from the free video calls and send multimedia messages to users around the world indoona is the first application that allows free phone calls.

indoona combines the communications features are now available ideal for both voice and multimedia services is the ideal application for communication and social. – And even if the application is stopped pushing you notice, is always available. Currently indoona, IOS platform and Android (iPhone, iPhone and iPod) are provided for, from the Android Market app store and can be downloaded directly from website http://www.indoona.com. and for Mac or PC.

Free Phone Calls

Using indoona, you can call free other users indoona using wireless LAN and 3G. In addition, it is possible to call people who do not even install application fee and low-cost flights indoonaout indoona service.

Free Video calls

Using indoona, create other users via their computer or indoona smartphones for video calls using both free and available to receive from.

Free Multimedia messages

indoona and can send free multimedia messages, you can send pictures and video clips to access your site.

The smart address book

This feature has been organized all the contacts on the PC and smartphone phone book, it synchronizes the agenda indoona to be updated constantly to alert you when you download an application someone you can make free calls.

Indoona Out

By purchasing a credit application directly from the site http://www.indoona.com, no connection fee, low cost fares for less than one euro cent per minute, worldwide phone calling fixed and mobile phones, the actual number of seconds can be based on a conversation.

Indoona number

You can use the numbers as if people indoona anywhere, anytime, with no fixed you can make free international call. Your friends, relatives, colleagues from the same country will call numbers are local calls would cost indoona pay as usual. In addition, you are abroad and so you can reach without the cost of roaming voice call you if you save the phone number and someone indoona. Indoona number for one year is available at 48 euros or 15 euros for three months.

SOURCE marketwatch.com


Keep in Touch This Christmas with cheap or free International Calls

For most of the year can be obtained by email about keeping your friends and family up to date in his life outside the home. However, during the Christmas holiday season is a special time to make a more personal communication with a telephone call.

However, international calls can be expensive, and Christmas is already a difficult time when it comes to budget around parts, travel and gifts. At this time of year is more important than ever to connect with international calls at low cost. Here’s how.

Using VoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) does not use a traditional way of making a international call. Instead of connecting the call using the phone lines, Internet connection used (and necessary). The sound of the voice is compressed digital data (1s and 0s, called voice packets) and transmitted via a data network. As the network is properly configured, VoIP calls can sound as good as a traditional resource, and can be much cheaper if not free. Free VoIP services including Skype calls, Viber and Google Video Chat.

Pros: VoIP providers can be very useful if you are really short of money because they are often free and easily downloadable.

Cons: You must have Internet access, and should be high speed. VoIP services may be free always reliable, and users may feel frustrated by the stuttering or missed calls.

Using Calling Card

Most of us are familiar with the concept of calling cards to make cheap calls. Phone cards are purchased in a store – often a convenience store or convenience store – and the payment amount is pre-registered supplier of phone cards that the “call credit.” Your credit is linked to your calling card and minute at is subtracted by a rate that depends on your destination of the call. Call rates may vary considerably among suppliers. Those looking for the best card to consider they call from and to. For example, someone looking to make free international calls inUK, you need to find a provider with cheap or free calls inUK.

Pros: Because the service is prepaid, you have no surprises on your bill, and you can keep track of your current credit and charge easily, either online or in store where you purchased the card.

Cons: Some suppliers to “hide” after the purchase cost to the card more attractive price in advance. Seek costs before choosing a calling card include the connection and activation fees. Also check the expiration dates of credit – Do not “lose” if not “use” within a specified period.

You do not have to lose cheap or free calls to family in this season as they are low on cash. Being smart about your choice of international calls from mobile, you can call home on a budget, make you happy and your mum.

Free Calls For All! Why Mobile Operators Panic The End Of Phone Or International Calls

free-calls-for-allThe use of BlackBerry Messenger in the riots gave an insight into the two-tier mobile society – where lots of people have discovered ways to stay in touch virtually for free. Operators worry more will follow suit

The August riots pushed the popularity of BlackBerry Messenger into the public consciousness, with the teenagers’ mobile (or “mobe”) of choice revealing itself as the perfect tool for organising spontaneous – er – mobbing.

Until the chaos erupted, I suspect most of BlackBerry’s suit-wearing users, who rely on the phones for their office email, had little idea that the gadgets had taken off with such a different demographic.

But those without companies to pay their phone bills have found a way to get something for almost nothing – and legally. Armed with an unlocked, secondhand BlackBerry and a SIM-only contract from T-Mobile costing just over £10 a month, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) messages are free and unlimited. If all your friends are messaging, there is no need to spend any money at all on calls and texts.

The way we use our phones is a neat example of a two-tier society, and BBM is just the tip of the second tier. In the jungle of applications now available to smartphone users, those that use the internet to offer free calls or messaging are emerging from the undergrowth.

Mobile phone networks have been worrying for some time about how these “free” services would eat into their profits once they became mass market. A quick look at the numbers now using them suggests the threat is no longer theoretical.

free-call-onlineWhat App, based down the road from Google in Mountain View, California, is a text message alternative that works on most handsets, including BlackBerrys, iPhones, Android and Windows Phone devices. Launched in 2009, it uses 3G or Wi-Fi, has been downloaded onto more than 10m phones, and now carries over 1 billion messages a day. (That compares to about 6bn SMS messages sent daily in theUSalone.) It can carry text, but also photos and videos, saving a packet on the extortionate fees charged by operators to send a picture message.

Viber, which offers free international calls and text messages, has been downloaded 30m times. Rebtel, with a similar service, has 14m users, and video calling application Tango 20m followers.

“Over-the-top” services (so-called because they piggyback on the mobile phone networks without bringing them any revenue) have come out of the trenches and are rushing headlong towards us.

There are stumbling blocks. Because they are free, these over-the-top services do not yet make big money for their creators. There are exceptions: Rebtel, which can connect you to a phone not on its network and charges for that, has revenues of $60m a year. With a swathe of rival brands competing for our attention alongside similar products from big beasts like Google and Facebook, many will fall by the wayside.

And of course using WhatsApp or Viber is only free if the person at the other end subscribes. Like Skype, which also has a mobile offering, they are only useful for communicating with people you are likely to speak to on a regular basis.

Whatever the hurdles, the numbers are growing. Downloading WhatsApp this week, I found that out of over 900 work and personal contacts on my phone, some 70 are already signed up. Less than 10% but more than I expected

At the Telco2.0 conference in November, senior executives from the telecoms industry were polled and predicted text messaging revenues would decline by 37% in three years, and voice revenues by 21% over the same period. They blamed cuts imposed by the European Commission on the price of calling a mobile, as well as competition from rival operators. But the biggest factor, they believed, would be responding to price pressure from over-the-top alternatives.

In fact, 2011 has been a year of mobile phone tariff inflation, as the likes of T Mobiles, Vodafone, Orange and O2 try to mitigate the impact of the price cuts imposed by European regulators.

Working out how to maintain revenues at their current levels is a multi-billion dollar question. But price increases in cash-strapped times may simply drive more consumers into the arms of free alternatives. The two-tier mobile culture is here to stay.

How To Make Free Or Cheap Calls To Pakistan At 2 Cents Per Minute

free-calls-pakistanPakistanis now more expensive to call than ever. Pick up the phone and startfree international calling all your friends and family for just 2 cents per minute.

Localphone announced a new type of reference to 2 cents by Pakistan. You can call any landline or mobile number in Pakistan only 2 cents. This must be one of the cheapest rates available for most calls to Pakistan.Localphone with clear call quality, this offer is unbeatable.

If you still need an introduction to how the work Localphone to make cheap or free calls to Pakistan, here’s a quick guide.


1) You can use your PC Localphone. You can download their softphone or through SIP settings in your SIP softphone. If you are a novice user, I strongly suggest your softphone and also stores the history of contacts.

2) Localphone also allows you to get a local number in your country for each contact. Once you call the local number, which will automatically connect to your destination number. No pins to remember more stupid. Simply store this number in your contact book or mobile. It will also save money because you call a local number in your country instead of paying a high fashion or international number.

3) You can use a phone card Localphone wherever you go. How many VoIP providers offer this service? Traveling in theUnited Statesno problem Just go to the option of calling card and change theunited stateswill be given a phone number for a new card and PIN Gateway can be used in theUnited States. This is just great and has a person like me who is always moving.

4) You can also use the SMS Localphone save money. The SMS service is at least 70% cheaper than your mobile operator.

Do not delay and do not be fooled by promises of fat from other VoIP operators who try to sneak in connection fees (Betamax) calls or provide a lower quality for the sake of cheaper rates.

This is your chance to pass Localphone now and you know what, being a reader of VOIP Guide, you already qualify for free minutes, just enter the Localphone and charge $ 1 (use the coupon code: VGFREE any extra credit), you will receive $ 1.50 credit applied to your account for free.

Cheap or Free international calls, easy and efficient

cheap_callsToday is a fact of life. In theUK, for all your cheap international calls, will be one of the cheapest cities from there. Regardless of whether foreigners are making the call, and you are anywhere in the world at the same time a very low cost, you can guarantee a simple and efficient service. Such a BT (British Telecom) or IICalls (Inclusive International Calls) and sales from major entities as service providers and network, all come together in those few sellers, as it happens here every day.

Cheap international phone cards on the options available to make a cheap international call to go mobile phone deals you can, and talk n text service, perhaps the most popular Sorerano, pay all. All of these options is easy, is available in one of these sources, there was no mention in the length and breadth of this country. Moreover, most of these entities, the international sale options in the line, so how are you. It is, therefore, to enter one of the websites that sell them to anyone to buy any of the options for out either directly or easier on the World What.

They are similar to other items being used to buy one of their nominal purchase price to pay to carry everything. There is no any hidden cost.

They can be purchased anywhere. Time to complete the long form, even foreigners have to implement all the procedures for requesting approval from the government or vice versa.

Call, as has been done through international recognition for service quality and reliability of a dedicated network airlines have to worry about technical issues such as dropped calls like this do not the duration of the call to come back somewhere, or buzz, in part, etc.

Cheap access number, while the use of cheap international phone cards are offered for free to be the prefix of your Caller ID.

Ava Jackson is an expert author of Telecommunication and shares his precious thoughts for telecom industry readers. Get Latest Updates on cheap or free international calls and other Offers related cheap or free calling service inUK

Calling international? Make Cheap or Free Calls From The UK On Holidays

cheap-international-callsChristmas is a time for family and friends – is why almost a third of us plan to make calls to their relatives living abroad this Christmas.

However, according to research by inclusiveinternationalcalls.wordpress.com over a quarter of these calls are planning on using your phone standard housing plan to make international calls – and another 7% of mobile phone use.

But the standard phone plans are generally not suitable for international calls, which mean that many people call this Christmas abroad could face a huge phone bill New Year.

So to help you save money on your phone bill in the first half of 2011, here are some ways to call international for less…

Internet calling

Ideal for international calls, this Christmas, the free option is to do it via a broadband connection. If you call another computer in mind, this is usually free – you’ll be hit by free to call landlines and cell phones.

Skype is one of the largest providers of communications between computers – even if your webcam, you can make video calls? Perfect to show your Christmas prezzie on American cousin Ron!

All you need to start your communication Skype, download the Skype software for free (if you have not built on your computer), get a microphone, Skype calls to people you sure that you have a contact list simply add to them, and get chatting!

Skype is still, when you call Skype Free Skype-to-you, as there is a wireless Internet connection or 3G so long, but anywhere you have a free iPhone application that can send an instant message.

Viber is another free iPhone application that allows free calls to other iPhone applications that are installed – even if they are everywhere!

We pay a high price for fixed lines. Phone calls to get here, there are five easy ways to save money.

Online to mobile calls

Most suppliers are online for international calls to mobile and fixed offers pretty competitive rates. But you please check the cost before you always dial a number abroad – some international calling cards, online providers can be cheaper.

Skype and mobiles inAustralia, theUnited States, call connection fee and a small cell phone began to 1.4p per minute in over 30 countries including most ofEurope. But it is moving completely to the Skype Web site to check the rate before making calls to mobile phones cost in most countries have much 10p per minute.

You can add credits to your account, such as pay-per-phone contract, to pay for the call.

However, the rate is cheaper metered Skype is not really about. Please check that your homework first!

Cheap home phone calls

If you do not feel like mucking your computer to make calls abroad You can get a better rate on your phone line at home – in fact, they are generally cheaper than online prices has!

So pay the cost of a standard national call – supplier discounts by introducing international numbers that you really, then, to place a call when you are calling a number in the UK International dialing to work. The outer portion of the call will be paid by international calling cards to purchase credits or through normal purchasing.

Since there are different service levels to provide all of the overseas supplier call a good million yen for a floating rate, it can use checkers international call to find a company cheapest something for your destination is recommended.

They are for those of you this Christmas so IICalls offer a free trial will be a relatively short phone abroad can be a good option. Make a call using a landline your service as a line of Skype calls over the Internet – in order to reduce costs.

Inclusiveinternationalcalls provides a similar web site and send you to get a free trial if you register now.

For more information on how to make cheap or free international calls to read the ways of making free calls with Inclusive International Calls.

John Simmons, a short look at three ways to reduce the money spent each month on your cell phone

Calling cards

Phone cards, without going anywhere near a computer, you can make cheap international calls! These cards again and there are a few hundred, they can pick up a newspaper from the shop or phone for most dealers.

iphone-christmasPlease check your mobile phone plan

It may seem obvious, it is your cell phone provider and as part of your package, you might want to check whether the offer cheaper international calls.

Many vendors will also be able to add on international calls to call back a certain amount of packages per month gives you free and low cost international calls. However, you only Christmas once a year, if you decide to talk to Aunt Hilda inAustralia- it’s worth the extra cost is probably not!

By reading our guide on spending less on your cell phone, you can get more tips on spending less on the phone.

Tips For Your Calling International

If you’ve got any suggestion on getting cheap or free international call rates all year round, please you all have rites to post them in the comment box.

Now Google Offering Free Calls from Santa On this Christmas

santacall-freeGoogle happy little elves have been busy. First our screens become a winter haven Easter eggs, “Let It Snow” and is now called Santa Claus gives us.

Over the holidays, you can send a video or international call or visit from old St. Nick Send free calls from Santa Claus and answer a few simple (and stupid) questions.

Issues ranging from what the receiver wants for Christmas (the answers are a “badger” sweet cable package “and a” couple of jeggings “) and what Santa Claus should call the recipient of” Smarty Pants Schmoopie. ”

There are enough options to choose from that allow you to customize your message for Santa Claus to make it more personal and fun.When finished, you will be offered the option to call or send a video message. If you choose video, you can send the message recipient Santa by Gmail or Google +. If you choose to call, just to display your phone number and number.

Who says you’re too old to talk to Santa Claus? Google! Why not give it a try and see what days you can light a virtual tour of at least Santa Claus!

Free International Calls From Orange in UK to Unlimited Destinations

Orange users can make free international calls to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and South Africa… are all included. All you need to do is dial the access number (please contact Inclusive International Calls), with your inclusive minutes. Here is the full list of destinations supported:


  • Afghanistan Landline
  • Afghanistan Mobile
  • Bangladesh     Landline
  • Bangladesh     Mobile
  • China  Mobile
  • China  Landline
  • India    Landline
  • India    Mobile
  • India BSNL    Landline
  • Pakistan          Landline
  • Pakistan          Mobile
  • Srilanka          Mobile
  • Srilanka          Landline
  • Singapore       Landline
  • Singapore       Mobile
  • South Africa   Landline
  • South Africa   Mobile


More information can be found at: Free International Calls for Orange

You can also go to country pages to make free calls to Pakistan, free calls to India, free calls from Mobile, free calls to South Africa, and etc.

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls

Free Calls