AT&T Launches VoIP App for Cheap International Calls

cheap-international-callsAT&T this week joined the VoIP fray with the release of its own application that hopes to offer customers cheaper international calling rates. The company yesterday announced AT&T Call International, a free mobile VoIP app that provides customers with cheap international long distance calling over 3G. Available for iPhone and and selected Android and BlackBerry smartphones, the application was developed by and is operated in collaboration with 8×8 Inc.

Calls made using the application while in theU.S.will eat into your minutes and if you plan on using it abroad, you’ll need to first find a WiFi connection. Apple Insider reports that calls made to wireline numbers inChina,France,Germanyand theUKcost 4c per minute, whileMexicois 8c andIndiais 9c. Calls to cell phones cost considerably more, with European numbers costing between 21c and 27c per minute.

AT&T said in a statement that once installed, the app provides simple, step-by-step instructions to establish an AT&T Call International account and make calls. The carrier also mentioned that all calls are billed directly to the customer’s credit card.

For a full list of compatible phones, check out AT&T’s Call International devices page.


Free International Calls from UK to India on Orange

international_callsOrange is the Telecommunications Company and Internet provider in the fifth of the world. It is a brand of France Telecom has 200 million customers around the world today. Founded in 1994, Orange is one of the biggest names behind the France Telecom currently operates mobile networks across the UK and around the world.

Orange calls to India to offer some free calls and cheap, and great company all over the world, such as providing a subscription including all chosen by the customer.

Best Orange talk plan for customers who want to be able to make free or cheap calls to India, is home to Ultra. The price is £ 10.50 per month, customers receive free or cheap calls to 30 countries worldwide through Internet.

In addition, they take a comprehensive broadband connection and free onOrangeunlimited international calls through a second phone line, including calls from theUK. Finally, Orange customers save on their line rental. As with most companies, free calls to Orange are transmitted via VoIP. This means that the signal is transmitted over the Internet, which is what makes free or very cheap international calls.

Or comparison to other companies that manage the same principle regarding cheap calls free low international prices for the products Orange. For example, compared with BT, Orange Home Ultra-up plan on the costs by half than BT, provides essentially the same products.

If you live in the UK and you have a mobile phone with Orange contract, you can make free calls to several countries and the calls are free of charge, as they are part of your inclusive minutes. If you want to make some cheap calls to India, All that is needed is to dial your personal access number, after which you hear a voice prompt. Then you enter the number you want to call and the conversation begins.

If you live in the UK and have an Orange mobile phone contract, you can make free calls to different countries and calls are free because they are part of inclusive minutes. If you want to make some cheap calls to India All that is necessary to select your personal access number and you will hear an announcement. Then enter the number you want to call, and start the conversation.

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Free International Calls From UK – Rebtel Partners with Inter Communications to Offer Free

Free International Calls

In a joint statement, Rebtel, the world’s second largest mobile VoIP company, and Inter Communications, one of the world’s leading providers of rental mobile Wi-Fi solutions, today announced they have entered into a partnership agreement to offer new users of Inter Communications’ Global Data service 50 minutes of free international calls from Rebtel by way of the company’s unique mobile applications for international calling.

Rebtel, based inStockholm,Sweden, is the world’s second largest mobile VoIP provider with more than 13 million users. The company offers free international calling between Rebtel users over 3G, Wi-Fi and local numbers, as well as the ability call to any other mobile phone or land line for a fraction of a regular operator rate. Established in 2006, Rebtel is funded by two of most venerable venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Benchmark Capital, with prior investments in Skype and MySQL.

Global Data provided by Inter Communications is a supplier service of rental mobile Wi-Fi hotspot solutions, also called Mi-Fi devices, meant specifically for international use. The service enables international travelers to access data services without any caps or exuberant roaming charges while abroad at cost of only ¥1,280 (approximately 17 dollars) per day. The company currently offers access to data services by way of its Mi-Fi devices in 195 countries, and have effectively overtaken telecommunication company Softbank Mobile (available in 67 countries) in coverage reach.

As a means of introducing the Rebtel service to the Japanese market by co-promoting the service with Global Data and effectively reach a highly relevant target group of users comprised of international travelers, Rebtel is giving away

50 minutes of free international calls to all new users of the Global Data Mi-Fi service effective today. Users are encouraged to download Rebtel’s new 2.0 version iPhone app to make calls over Wi-Fi facilitated by the Global Data Mi-Fi devices. Once the 50 free minutes are up, users are able to continue using the Rebtel service to call for rates up to 98% and 40% less than an operator’s and Skype’s SkypeOut service respectively

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Cheap International Calls From Uk – Ecocaller Launches iPhone/Android App Offering Cheap Rates for International Calls

Cost-conscious consumers can now enjoy quality call connections for international calls at competitive rates with the Ecocaller iPhone and Android app.
With the smartphone app market flooded with cheap VoIP calling software, one application stands out from the crowd. Ecocaller guarantees the same low rates for international calls as the market leaders but with great call quality – something that regular VoIP users will thoroughly welcome.
Gone are the days of expensive roaming charges and excessive international calling rates. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology on smartphones make calls over the internet, bypassing the phone’s network provider, with international calls costing a fraction of what they used to. However, what consumers may gain in savings they sacrifice in call quality, with connections dropping regularly and poor sound a major issue.
Ecocaller recognized this concern and focused on offering the most reliable connection. By using dedicated data channels the Ecocaller app works hard to achieve and maintain the best connection for the duration of the call. No more audio delay.
One of the great things about Ecocaller is that you don’t need to change anything about your current phone set up. The app is free and easy to install and use alongside your smartphone’s existing software. You just open the application when you want to make a call, either key in the number or use your existing contacts list and start talking. The cost of the call per minute is displayed when the call is initiated, offering complete cost transparency.
The company provides their customers with a range of additional services, including an online account which gives them complete control over their payments. Ecocaller account holders find the live customer support a real bonus.

Other features included with the app are a quickdial page for most frequently called contacts, a detailed call history, a call recording function and number re-writing rules. However, the app is designed primarily to give its customers what they want – an easy and reliable way to make cheap international calls.

Ecocaller for the iPhone is available free through iTunes. It is also available for Android on the Android Market. The app is also available for Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Media, Samsung, LG and Android handsets.
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